Useful Information

When? From 6 to 16 August 2012

Where? At Moroieni, Roumania.

*News from Moroieni

Inscription form

Registration and funding

All groups of young feminists who saw themselves in the ideas set out in the Manifesto of the Young Feminists of Europe are invited to contact us and pre-register.

For the time being, we are awaiting the response to the funding request we submitted to the European Union. If a grant is awarded, 70% of the travel expenses for sisters who contact us in advance should be reimbursed. The contribution to the camp’s expenses will be around €20.

If our request is declined, we will not be able to help out with travel costs and will ask for a contribution of around €50 per person. In this case, we encourage all the groups to raise funds in their countries/regions, by throwing a party, requesting support from people and organizations, or applying for public grants. We will need this money to provide food, good meeting conditions (out of the sun and rain) and, above all, interpreting in several languages. A system for exchanging activist items (t-shirts, pins, etc.) should also be organized to encourage solidarity.

We ask that you please send us your registration form by June 20th.


Like last year, we remain very attached to the principle of self-management for the camp. This means that each of us will be responsible for the smooth running of the camp, that we will decide on things together and that all initiatives are welcome. More concretely, we want to schedule some time for a General Assembly each day, and the first day will be devoted to deciding together on the schedule for the week, the organization of life at the camp, etc. Each of us will be asked to handle a portion of the tasks (cooking, dishes, cleaning common areas, activities, and so on) and may suggest specific committees.

Camp program

We will determine the exact schedule for the camp together, on-site. We will undoubtedly suggest several days of open workshops planned by the different groups, a demonstration, a public debate and time to explore Romanian feminism, and we would like to have the time to plan concrete transnational actions. We would also like to talk about the austerity measures to which women, first and foremost, are subjected in many countries.

All of the groups are invited to prepare one or more workshops on whatever you are interested in exploring or sharing (this can be the story of an activist experience, introduction to a feminist practice, a political question, etc.), so as to be able to offer them on-site during the camp. If you will be needing any special equipment, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Respect for the environment and the campsite

Our priority as young feminists is to apply our values to our actions. Self-management will be organized as a form of participatory democracy in which each of us is entitled to her own say (and her own actions). Respect for the environment is also important to us: no chemicals, and eating healthy food from local producers. We are working with the local population, so that we can explain our ideas and respect their lifestyles. We take care of the people working for us or with us: volunteer interpreters, cooks and others. We respect them and recognize their work.

Our top priorities are to come together, to have a week of discovery, to learn from other young feminists (about their lives and struggles) and to better understand the situation of women in Europe. We have opted for a campsite, because it is inexpensive and allows for a large number of participants. This is not about comfort, so be prepared for a grassroots experience! The hygiene and wellness conditions will be good, but if it rains, we’ll still need to sleep under our tents. For those not familiar with camping, the campsite also lets us discover unexplored aspects of ourselves: do-it- yourself, adaptation to new circumstances and more. A positive attitude between us, curiosity about others and our shared outrage at the injustices that we suffer are what motivates us!


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