2012 Camp

And we’re off again! The organization of the second European Young Feminists’ Camp is on track. For several months now, our communications have been shooting across the continent, and new feminists are joining us each week. In Bucharest, a small group in charge of the organization is hard at work planning the camp for us. So what will it be like, this camp? Some of us are dreaming of a break, new encounters, music, sport and collective creativity. Others are looking forward to great debates, building an effective network and engaging in in-depth analyses of our situation and our struggles. From August 6 to 16, a fantastic week to discuss and spend time together…We are impatiently awaiting the results of our grant application, which should be arriving in early July at the latest, but we already know that the camp will take place. With or without funding, we need to get together to talk about our experiences, our struggles and our strategies all across Europe.If we get the funding, we hope to be able to finance many travel arrangements and we are even dreaming of inviting sisters from other continents, young and active feminists from Mexico, Kenya, the Philippines and more. If not, we will each need to try to raise funds in our own countries/cities, to be able to get to Romania and contribute to our shared expenses. Like last year, self-management will be our guiding principle, as will a friendly attitude, sisterhood and sharing.

This year, the situation of women in Europe has worsened because of an economic dictatorship that is taking people hostage under the guise of debt and development, in parallel to conservative thinking. The games played by the banks, governments and financial markets would be entertaining if they were not destroying our common goods and engendering racism and conflict, not to mention patriarchal oppression and the heterosexist regime. The recurring attacks on women’s right to control their own bodies and, in particular, the right to abortion, both worry and disgust us.

But we have acquired new techniques for our struggles in the past year. While the Arab Spring now seems far off, and the Indignant have become part of the landscape in many countries, the fight continues. We are even seeing a clear trend toward radicalization in many countries. The European Coordinating Body of the World March of Women finally managed to plan a large campaign, beginning on October 17, against austerity measures and to denounce their impacts on women’s lives. So now more than ever, we need to meet together and communicate, and to strengthen our relationships to fight together against the systems that oppress us.

See you in Moroieni from August 6 to 16, 2012!!


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