The second edition of the Young Feminist Summer Camp has started!

10 Aug


The second edition of the Young Feminist Summer Camp has started!

This year we are more than 50 young women from 12 different countries and territories; Romania, Basque country, Turkey, Catalunya, France, Armenia, Italy, Germany, Norway, Galiza, Portugal and Switzerland. There are also participants from Brazil and Chile to strengthen our camp.

Some young women recognize each other from last year’s camp and many new participants have joined the gathering. We are excited to be together sharing our experiences, supporting each other in our feminist struggles and building an international young feminist movement!


This year the camp is organized slightly differently.Unfortunatley, the camp ground that was originally planned was cancelled at the last minute for political reasons and so instead of tents we are sharing a few cabins. This means that our desire of self management is not completley acheived, but it also means that most of us can sleep in beds and have hot showers, which is also not such a bad thing!


We have started our third day of the camp and we’re already immersed in various workshops. Safer-sex; Political Lesbianism; Women and Environment; Women, Militarization and Peace; Radical struggles against sexual violence etc. are only a few examples of the subjects we have started to tackle. We will have a few more days of workshops,plenary sessions and a protest on Saturday.

Also, 30 more girls from Romenia and other countries will join us over the weekend for more activities and discussions. We are all very excited to be here and each of us has worked hard (especially the Romanian team) to make the camp happen. It has not been without difficulty: in a Europe shaped by crisis and austerity policies, many of us as young women find ourselves in precarious situations.

We have also had difficulties with immigration officials to obtain visas for some of the international participants comming from the global South. As last year, some young women have already so much to do with their struggles at home, that they could not participate in the camp.

Nonetheless, we are pushing forward our desire to create a permanent international young feminist movement!


We’ll keep posting information, photos and texts in our blog :





We’re also twitting during the camp under the hashtag #YFSC

We will also post pictures in


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